Announcing An Affiliate Breakthrough! A new method that fetches consistent commissions and passive income without manually building sites or writing content...

Further, This Method Requires NO:

- Out Of Pocket Expenses

- Stupid Ninja Tricks

- Supposed Mind Control Techniques

- Or Black Hat Software/Tactics

Keep Reading To Discover:

1) How you can easily capture all the targeted traffic you need, for free...

2) Multiple ways to land fast first-page rankings in major search engines...

3) Strategies that achieve steady and near daily commissions...

4) And an almost guaranteed way you can get more accomplished while traveling to exotic locations than sitting at your computer...


To My Fellow Fighter,

We begin your introduction to Rank & Pillage with one simple concept:

Here's what this is about: My name is Brian G. Johnson and I want to show you some proof, facts, and ideas and then invite you to try our covert methods knowing you are smart enough to…

I've had an online income for over ten years and in that time I've seen thousands of products. I've seen hundreds of "gurus" come and go. I've purchased courses from many of them and they've ranged from effective to ridiculous.

And I'm telling you this because I'm going to invite you, and challenge you, to put aside any skepticism and try mine and Aidan Booth's newest conception, thirteen years in the making.I'm sure you're wondering…

We'll get there! I promise. But first you need to know that you'll see plenty of proof showing our strategies achieving first page rankings, methodically increasing levels of free targeted traffic to websites, and consistently converting those prospects into commissions. We'll go far and beyond the normal Clickbank screenshots.

You may be wondering why a former chef (me) would partner with a now retired young and "rich" industrial engineer (Aidan).

Well, I'll tell you: You see… Aidan is not considered a "guru".

In fact…

That's right. Aidan reaped six figures his first year in off-the-wall niches using the same strategies you'll see today.

I'll admit: I'm considered an Internet marketing "guru" and, in kind, I earn a substantial income teaching others how to make a living online. And I'm proud of that fact.

It's how I first met Aidan when he was doing "okay" with pay-per-click until he purchased Commission Ritual (one of my more famous products). Those teachings rapidly boosted Aidan to $500 per week (which is what he earns in a matter of hours now).

Here's an example where Aidan earned over $500 selling a toy from Amazon. And the site took less than two hours to set up… plus…

What's crazy is… The guy does this over and over. Here's another example (this time selling digital products) from a simple site that brings in commissions every month off minimal traffic. Imagine seeing this income flow in, month after month, when it took you less than sixty minutes to build the site!

This may be news to you: But if your visitors are targeted properly, you can make more than decent money with very little traffic. This authority site rakes in $800 per month…

And here's more commissions from Clickbank products…

Wouldn't you like to see this when you log in?

That's good because we'll place our SEO blueprints in your hands today. And here's another surprise: They've positioned domain-selling sites high in search enginesand earn a literal fortune (and yes… I spelled my name wrong too). Look:

Just hear me out: This may sound too good to be true, but it has nothing to do with me personally. And no earnings I've shown you thus far are the result of having a huge list or guru-grade resources.

So let's continue….

You already know this but traffic is one of the most essential elements to online success. And there is plenty to go around. Check out this analytics screenshot that shows 100% free traffic from natural search engine rankings. No PPC. No banner advertising either.

In addition to that, our strategies bring superb quality traffic. These prospects already crave your product and this will do wonders for sales conversion.

Don't believe me?

Our Rank & Pillage tactics earned a 14% conversion on less than 500 visitors!

That's fantastic money for so little traffic!

And that brings me to another point: You don't need thousands upon thousands of visitors to fill your bank account. That's an illusion created by false marketing hype and our natural desire (as humans) for BIG everything.

In reality, it just isn't necessary.

And equally important: Converting traffic into commissions is the perfect time to build an email list of subscribers (if you want). We highly suggest you do because it ends your dependence on searching engines and seriously…

So…my partner wants to step in a say a few words. Afterwards, I'll walk you through all eight modules of Rank & Pillage and the premium gifts you'll get if you act today.

First, let me introduce you to Aidan Booth…

Dear Friend,

Hello from Argentina!

That's where I live now which is quite a way from the small farm I grew up on in New Zealand. My heart swells at the thoughts of how my life has changed in the last few years.

The profit plans you'll be exposed to today financed a year-long expedition in 2010 when I traversed almost all of Europe. I sipped red wine in the valleys of Italy. I swam in the turquoise water in the Greek Islands. I sat beneath the twinkling stars in Paris. I ate fish and chips in London. And my boots crunched the white snow of the French Alps.

Go back four or five years and my life probably resembled the way yours is right now. I went to college thinking that was the ticket (and got debt instead).

I had the 8:30 am to 5:00 pm office job Monday through Friday (which I loathed).

I was paying two mortgages.

And in my attempts to make this "online thing" work, I paid $3,000 for a "business in a box" from a high profile Internet marketing guru you'd know. Needless to say, that didn't work out too well (except for him).

However, I don't want to bore you with my life story right now. We can talk about that some other time. And warriors don't cry or complain.

But I do want to tell you...

Only 20% of that money was from the Internet marketing niche (I will disclose one of my niches in a moment).

And if you'll stick with it, like I did, Brian and I promise to help you and guide you and do everything within our power to aid you in achieving the lifestyle you want.

Again, you must be willing to put in the elbow grease required and follow our numbered instructions.

Let me tell you about someone who did just that…

During my European escapade in 2010, I met James Wakelin.

He had a similar story and professed, "Aidan, I just don't think this IM thing is real. It seems to work for the (bleeped) gurus but not for anyone else."

I said, "James, contrary to popular belief, the "gurus" are not hiding anything. I think people just give up way too soon. I will help you but you have to do the work."

With that, I made a good friend and James did, in fact, do the work. In less than three months, selling physical products, he was getting $150 per day in commissions.

This event (seeing how James' life changed) created in me the desire to help others.

He sent me one screenshot from Commission Junction (in British pounds):

By the way, 1,029.99 pounds is equal to $1,682.76 (American dollars).

You can leverage the Adsense strategies to get earnings almost overnight. Then we'll show you how to recycle those earnings to outsource menial tasks. This will grow your income exponentially (instead of geometrically).

Here's an example…set up in under one hour:

And passive income is just another benefit of Rank & Pillage. In January 2011, I logged into an account and saw this cash generated with no manual labor on my part:

I love authority sites and consider them to be my specialty. This site was created some time ago and is now in "set and forget" mode. Of course, I never forget to transfer this cash from PayPal to my bank account…

Check it out…

Listen: I really don't want to divulge all my niches. I hope you understand why. But for the sake of proof, I will tell you two things:

1) One specific tactic in Rank & Pillage lets you get first page rankings in Google almost instantly in ONE specific country of your choice. In my case, England.

2) So I rank #1 and #2 in England for "cocker spaniel training".

See the proof below:

Rank & Pillage will have you converting traffic like a pro! The image below demonstrates one site converting only 396 visitors into $2,141.19. If you do the math, that's $4.77 per click selling a Clickbank product!

Here's another set and forget website that produces at least one sale a day. With ten of these, you'd be profiting around $310 per day! Do you think that would help put gasoline in your car? Check it…

Listen: Instead of asking you to buy something or insisting you should…

I'm going to ask you for something more important…

Try Rank & Pillage and trust these methods.

Trust me. Trust Brian.

We sincerely wish the best for you, no matter your decision. And while I wish we could do this in person, the Internet is the next best thing. It has changed my life and I would like the honor of helping you change yours.

I will turn this back over to Brian and he will break down everything you're getting today at almost ZERO risk to you.

I hope to see you on the inside.

It will be my greatest pleasure to serve you.

Very sincerely yours,

Aidan Booth

Imagine how our lives changed after setting up 10 simple websites that earn thousands while we sleep.

You are only minutes away from gaining access to the life altering Eight Modules of the Rank & Pillage method.

Here is what you will discover very soon…

This module will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that not only can you do this, but if you perform the drills, you can do this fast and with minimal effort on your part.

Module 1 is the shortest but covers the basics and critical fundamentals including:

Why your previous attempts have been "overcomplicated"…

Just how easy is this? Well we've found that with 10 simple sites, when each gets 100 visitors per day, and when we achieve a 1% conversion rate combined with $50 per sale, we can make up to $500 per day in commissions.

The secret behind who can have success! The truth is there IS NO SECRET. Anyone can attain success… but the secret ingredient is "motivation" and the willingness to implement our directions.

What basic tools you will need…

Why you MUST have faith in this system. Remember: What "skeptical" really means is you're "already prepared to quit".

The Formula That Never Fails: Targeted Traffic + Irresistible Offer = Profits

Next up you'll see why an abundance of traffic is yours to claim in…

Not much.

We've found time and time again that with 100 visitors per day coming to our websites and a 1% conversion rate, we're able to make 1 sale per day. Depending on the product we promote this can earn us $20 to $50 (or more) per sale.

But traffic is the biggest problem for most online marketers. There are always going to be tons of products to choose from, but can it really be this easy to get traffic?

The methods in Rank & Pillage took the site above from 150 unique visitors per day to 600 unique visitors per day! That's why Rank and Pillage has made it so easy for us to earn consistent and insane commissions as high as $500 per day, or more!

You can get traffic like this with one eye closed and these visitors are a "perfect match" for your website. This is accomplished using three different kinds of keywords.

They are:

Action Keywords

Desperate Keywords

Buying Keywords

When one of these keywords is used in a search it signifies a person who either recognizes they have a problem or are ready to take action. Either way, they're prospects for a sale.

In the next module, we have laid out, step by step, what you should do each day to get your site to the top of Google.

This is where the elbow grease comes in and you just have to get this done. If you're too lazy to follow clear instructions, Rank & Pillage isn't for you.

If you're willing to knuckle down and do this…

…then let's proceed to…

If you consider some of the "failures" you've had in the past, if you really stop and think about it… you probably never should've entered that niche.

This is why proper niche selection is vital! Make the wrong decision here and all the work you do thereafter will be in vain.

You must know how to analyze both competition and the niche itself.

That's why we cover:

How to be a Keyword Wizard: You'll never "chase the wind" again because you'll know how to analyze the competition for keywords and know if first page rankings are possible (before you act).

Great generals have said you must "see the battlefield clearly". These little-known competition-analyzing tricks will ensure you only participate when you can win!

A ridiculously simple tactic that will give you an immediate advantage over your competition right out the gate! It never pays to be a fool… your opponents will soon learn that the hard way.

How to handle choosing a domain: Bad domains can be devastating. Good ones bring almost instant and sufficient traffic, plus amazing earning potential.

Finally discover the difference between exact, phrase, and broad match keywords and which is most accurate for your purposes!?!

The vast majority of affiliates never figure out how to deal with backlinks appropriately! Your effort is in vain if you create a "No Follow" link. So here's how to tell, in an instant, if your link will be "Do Follow"…

Rank & Pillage SEO is point-and-click easy! These "can't lose" tactics show you how to name your website's pages to force Google to promote you to four star status! It's never been this easy to get top spots in the history of the Internet.

The one special ingredient that lowers your bounce rate, creates a high quality site, and gives you the credibility you crave! Rank & Pillage is the "Art of War" for affiliates… a veritable black book of secrets you won't want to share.

Now it's time for the flagship module of Rank & Pillage, are you ready?

You are about to see how to use these methods to accomplish your goals and prove wrong all the people who ever doubted you! Use any or all of the strategies in Module 4 and you will earn more commissions than ever before, guaranteed!

Let's take a look inside…

There are four different types of websites that earn commissions online. They all have one thing in common: They are simple and quick to setup.

Let's talk about…

It's true: You won't earn truckloads of cash with Adsense (necessarily). But some people like fast money and Adsense is a great way to see quick earnings.

We will show you:

The Perfect Keyword for an Adsense site: These gems are uncovered based on certain levels of traffic and competition. So many get this wrong and then abandon their Adsense account… this is a mistake!


The simple three-step drill to have a Mini Site up and running in a couple of hours and get paid for years! (Video tutorial included.) Then you'll use the secrets of "improvement campaigns" to boost the raw earning power of all your sites!

Now let's discuss your "big earners".

Let's talk about…

Prolific bank robber Willie Sutton was once asked why he robbed banks.

His response: "That's where the money is."

Online, the big bucks come from authority sites.

And this arena is where Rank & Pillage shines because we have turned it into a science.

Here is just one example (from 100% free traffic):

Here's another:

There are many ways to monetize your site and…

Including the three major affiliate networks: Amazon, Clickbank, and Commission Junction.

We have exact blueprints for monetizing websites with each one.

You know Amazon sells millions of products. Some are hot, some are not. But you have almost unlimited opportunities to step in and profit. We will show you how to find bestselling products on Amazon and the tricks to getting your site listed so you too can see earnings like the screenshot below.

Here are the results from only 20 days of selling products on Amazon. Amazon doesn't pay the highest commissions but they are a perfect affiliate for certain products. This one pays about $140 per day:

One of our premium videos walks you through the nine steps it takes to setup an authority site. These sites take a little longer to build and position in search engines, but the income is worth the wait!

If you would rather earn cash faster, try the Adsense and Mini Site strategies first. They are both great ways to get experience doing what will be required for authority sites. In just a few years, Aidan has collected 190 of these websites monetized with Amazon.

You can also sell digital products with Clickbank or physical products with Commission Junction. Here is a screenshot that shows daily and consistent earnings in one Commission Junction account. I hope you are getting excited

And when everything goes right, sometimes you strike "gold". Or maybe "platinum" is a better word. Here's an example of over $15,000 in two months!

Even though you will probably make more money with authority sites than any other, there exists a special situation seen mostly in the Internet marketing niche.

That is…

Continue reading if you'd like discover the system that we used to get…

Imagine relaxing as someone creates a product, organizes their affiliates, and pays to have powerful sales copy written…

And then imagine how Aidan felt when he made over $6,000 off their hard work.

That is exactly what you will learn to do in this module.

The demand will already exist for these products when they "launch" so we will show you how to take a slice of that pie for yourself.

A little pre-planning can put thousands of green dollar bills into your bank account.

Tip: Product launches require special strategies because you cannot go off keyword research. Why? Because the keyword is usually the product name and thus there really should NOT be year-round traffic for it. The keyword will be most relevant just before, during, and just after the launch.

You will position yourself perfectly in search engines to capture this traffic and sell these people the product they want!

But we'll also teach you…

Let's prove what we've said: If you look at the flow chart below, you will notice the traffic is not consistent (because it's a product launch). You don't need it to be. The key here is simply to be in front of the launch, to know when it is going to happen, and to be prepared.

The point is: You can make money off other people's hard work…

Here's what else you'll discover in this module:

Leverage the multi-media experience to get more done, faster: Text instructions and video demonstrations that walk you through every detail of keyword research, market research, and getting your site up and running – even if you're a "first timer".

Break Google's heart by creating the "Number One" asset you could ever have in ANY business...As a side note: This also allows you to almost print money at the push of a few buttons.

What to watch for when selecting a Clickbank product to promote.

Why you DON'T need prospects to "like" your personality…How to add mass incentive for customers to buy through your link. PLUS: Get affiliates to buy through your link instead of using their own (a very common way your commissions are being stolen right under your nose)!

This simple tweak can drastically boost commissions: Where you can find a library of pre-made bonuses to add to the offers on your sites.

The easiest five ways to increase the perceived value of your offer and make prospects want to BUY NOW! These simple tricks are why Rank & Pillage convert prospects into customers better than anything you've ever witnessed!

How to create track-able affiliate links for Amazon, Clickbank, and Commission Junction. You'll know what works, what doesn't, and quickly detect when a pirate is funneling away your hard-earned commissions.

How to cloak links and prevent your commissions from being hijacked by rogue affiliates.

Subtle tweaks that make collecting subscribers and creating the coveted email list easier than taking candy from a baby. And how to avoid the power-sapping problems that plague most opt-in forms…

How to train and "condition" subscribers to click links in YOUR emails.

Avoid this mistake even pro's sometimes make: Look for this sign that indicates the presence of a ton of hungry buyers in a niche…

Don't live in the U.S.? Here's a quirky and simple way to see live search results from the United States when you don't live there!

Where to save a few bucks every time you buy a new domain!

But what if you have never built a website and the thought terrifies you?

No worries my friend….

Why do we say Rank & Pillage is "comprehensive"?

It's because when we made the course, we assumed you knew nothing. We know you are smart and savvy but the fact is many people struggle when dealing with technology.

Therefore, we have made over 100 videos that will solve your problems and give you total clarity.

Just imagine what you can do when…

In the time it takes to watch a TV show you can completely set up an SEO optimized Wordpress site that Google adores.

No hosting account? We'll tell you which company offers you the most benefits for your money and provide a full walkthrough for creating your account and getting started!

With a couple clicks of the mouse you will install the five free plugins we recommend. These make your site "warm and comfy" for search engine spiders and, truthfully, add way more benefits than we can mention here… (done 100% inside Wordpress).

How to add images with IMPACT to your webpages (and where to get vibrant pictures and illustrations you can legally use for free).

The most effective way to add links to your content (and webpage's) and Adsense ads to your posts and pages (just resist the urge to click on your own ads)!

The "ProBlogger" Darren Rowse tested a "popover" opt in form: The result? His daily quantity of subscribers jumped from 40 to 350! That's an increase of 875%. So we'll show you how to add a "popover" email sign up form in three minutes flat!

Five proven strategies for a more compelling call to action… use these when you're getting plenty of traffic but low conversions!

It doesn't matter.

It's easy and if you can follow along in a video, you can do this.

So let's move on to more important matters.

Once your website is built, you will use our personal backlink blueprints to overtake your competition and get the rankings that let you bring in the cash!

Are you ready?

Let's go…

Backlinks are the single most powerful SEO boosters available to you and we have developed not just a system, but a hybrid system that lets you change as you go (these include BOTH free and paid options). Be prepared to be amazed when you see…

A roadmap to get top spots in Google when your TIME is limited.

Day by day instructions on exactly what you should do to accomplish, specifically, a Top 10 listing… Got any children that can read? Put them to work…

The TWO most underutilized methods of generating backlinks that are also the easiest and quickest to do!

Aidan's secret three-step process to find more "buying" keywords and high value domain names. In making the Rank & Pillage Core Manual, we found two exact match domains in less than five minutes!

Listen: Links from webpages that have high Page Rank are many times more powerful than normal links.

So we will show you…

How to create backlinks that grow stronger every day! (There's no limit to how high you can go and you can provide someone else with the step by step instructions to do the work for you!)

A "two second" process to find blogs with high Page Rank AND have been recently updated. Why is that important? Because your comment has to be approved before the backlink takes affect!

The hardest to get (and most treasured) backlinks come from the sites of education institutes (.edu). Just type this "magic phrase" into Google and discover a large list of (.edu) websites you can comment on!

One of our most coveted secrets: How to buy aged domains with existing page rank for the same cost (or at less cost) than a brand new domain! Plus: You get an instant pile of backlinks!

Wait! Before you leave forum comments for backlinks to your site, here's a quick method to find the forum pages with the highest Page Rank! Create links that are a THOUSAND TIMES more powerful than you would otherwise!

How to spend "30 minutes and 12 dollars" and own a website with a Page Rank of 3 or 4! (Then use this site as a major backlink catapult to lift your other sites!)

With our techniques you will get more backlinks with brawn, pushing your site to the top of Google quicker than you ever imagined.

Here's what else you'll discover in this module:

Why being too aggressive when link building can harm your rankings!

The Backlink Smokescreen: A "lazy" way to give a "natural" look to your link-building profile.

Stuck on the second page of Google? Discover new (and simple) methods to go from page two (Top 20 results) to page one (Top 10 results)!

An interesting fact: Moving up one or two spots on the first page of Google could instantly double, triple, even quadruple your traffic levels.

If you're going to purchase an existing site with Page Rank, follow this simple exercise as a "double-check" that proves the seller is telling the truth (or not)! This ten minute trick can save you time, headaches, and money!

Google Subversion: How to make one website appear to be from a different host when it may be within the same hosting account!

A previously undisclosed way to use social media to increase the power of backlinks in your articles!

Sometimes no matter what you do, you don't get the results you're looking for. When the Internet has you scratching your head, use the process in Module 7. You can turn a failing website into one that churns out cash month after month. We will show you…

Let's begin…

Continuing along our journey…

Aidan had arrived in London in June of 2010 to prepare for the opening game of the Football World Cup. He was sitting on the floor of one those red buses and staring at his laptop screen. One of his websites was bothering him, frustrating him, because it wasn't getting results.

Sound familiar?

And you know when one of your sites can perform better… but what do you do?

Well… Aidan is a master of continual improvement. He and I conjured up a formula for running an "improvement campaign" on almost any website.

The improvement "project" he started on that bus doubled his income (from that site) in just a few months' time.

This process can be done at will.

We'll show you how to do it.

And you'll also discover (in text and video):

How to set up Google Analytics for your sites so you can track visitors and traffic numbers. You'll be more clear than ever on how to look at stats and interpret what they mean.

Where to place banners and advertisements on your website to maximize conversion and earnings! Plus: How to word your banners to get clicks and where you can make them for free.

The twist in text color that WILL increase your click-through rate!

The two fonts to use on banners or other ads that get more clicks than any other!

Here is an improvement campaign that rocketed one site from 300 unique visitors per day to 1,000 unique visitors per day – and this is typical:

Moving on…

It's true: Rome wasn't built in a day.

But the Emperor didn't lift a finger anyway!

And that is your goal as well, to build your empire doing as little of the "physical" work as necessary. Now it's time for things to get even easier, yet more profitable than ever…

Here's how…

The one variable that will hold you back is time! And your success is directly limited by how much time you can spend building sites, writing content, and optimizing the site for Google.

Once you start getting commissions, why not get others to help you?

Only after we started outsourcing did we see blockbuster results. Most people make outsourcing a goal, something to do down the road. But with Rank & Pillage it is a part of the process.

You will outsource sooner than you ever imagined and you will do it safely, using dependable workers who are grateful for the opportunity.

Also included as resources are the four websites we use for outsourcing. We even provide you with the exact instructions to give your worker so you have the best possible chance of getting what you ask for.

Imagine: Other people will grow your business while you sleep. You will get 40 hours of work done without breaking a sweat. You will never be frustrated with technical woes again!

Now I'd like to give you…

Over A Decade Of Wisdom From Two Master Marketers…

1 – Rank & Pillage contains over a decade of wisdom with proven strategies that have permanent strength. It was designed by two Internet marketing masters: (1) Me (Brian) - a trusted Internet marketing guru with ten (going on eleven) years of profit-making experience online with my specialty being search engine optimization. (2) Aidan Booth – who five years ago was an "Average Joe" and now travels the world because of his extraordinary capabilities for creating authority sites that run on near auto-pilot.

You Don't Have To Be A "Guru" To Make This Work For You…

2 – Aidan Booth used these strategies successfully without being a "guru". Thus, he didn't have and still does not have the "guru" resources like the giant email list or rolodex of super affiliates. That's one reason we are launching Rank & Pillage together!

No Product Creation Required…

3 – You do not have to create a product for Rank & Pillage to work… ever.

No Crazy, Stupid "Tricks" Required…

4 – No Rank & Pillage methods involve "ninja" tricks, black hat software, or any "tactic" based on short-term suggestions that are temporarily effective.

Doesn't Work Against Google…

5 – Rank & Pillage does not "trick" Google in any way. It works because you are giving Google exactly what he wants (a structured site with great content).

Realistic Goals & Earnings…

6 – You can't build your dream lifestyle on an undependable income. Now you can have the best of both worlds: The Freedom to live and work the way you want and the Security of consistent income.

Paid Traffic Is Not Needed…

7 – Rank & Pillage contains no confusing or money-sucking "paid traffic" campaigns.

100+ Videos Break Down Everything…

8 – Imagine: It's like sitting in the room with Aidan and me as we talk to you and guide you to mission completion. You get more tangible results with Rank & Pillage than anything you've ever seen before, guaranteed.

Destroys the Barricades Holding You Back…

9 –You may already have experience under your belt or even websites with income. But it can be difficult to choose a keyword, a niche, a product, and a domain. Rank & Pillage will have you convinced that even you can make this happen.

Rank & Pillage Isn't The Result Of A Flash-In-The-Pan Tactic…

10 –This is thirteen years of battle-tested strategies that can get quick earnings but still focuses on your long term results.

No More Guesswork…

11 – Rank & Pillage removes guesswork by showing you how to uncover thousands of hungry markets filled with consumers stampeding down the aisles, trampling innocent people beneath their feet to buy products they deeply desire.

Proper Targeting Means Easy Converting…

12 – Targeted traffic makes sales conversion a breeze! Remember, you do not create demand, you simply channel it. You'll give prospects exactly what they want so it's a win-win for everyone involved.

Outsourcing Made Simple & Extremely Effective…

13 –Think about it: What is really holding you back? TIME! Time to set up websites, time to write content, time to research, time to submit articles to ezines… there just isn't enough time. In Rank & Pillage you become a One Man Army which gets more done in one day than most accomplish all week.

Almost No Thinking Required, Just Follow Directions…

14 – The Rank & Pillage advanced backlink strategies are made 1, 2, 3 easy but turn you into a SUPERPOWER! Your backlinks will MULTIPLY themselves and increase in power EVERYDAY. You don't have to think or conceptualize or strategize. All this has been done for you.

Takes Control From Google (and the other search engines)…

15 – Rank & Pillage relinquishes Google's control over your fate. Though Google may seem intimidating, if you look closely, you will see "the Emperor has no clothes". This method delivers complete non-reliance on any outside entity to sustain your income.

Maximum Earnings from Minimal Traffic…

16 – You don't need huge amounts of traffic to get commissions. With just 100 visitors, 10 sites, and a 1% conversion rate, you can net $500 per day in commissions.

Permanent Top Spots In Search Engine Rankings…

17 – Module 3 lands your site a permanent position on page one where it digs in its claws and stays! With the ease of sending an email you can attain almost instant tops spots in specific countries (like England, New Zealand, or Australia). All the details of "On Page" and "Off Page" SEO are covered. This is because: There are two worlds of SEO. The stuff you do on your website. And the other stuff you do off your website (like article submission) that influences your rankings.

Here's what I'm willing to do: I don't want your natural skepticism to block you from getting what you want. We can understand that at first and without experience doing business with us, you may not believe everything you have heard…

So we have created an offer we believe you will find irresistible.

The price of Rank & Pillage is $97.

But you won't invest that today… no sir!

Listen: While my wife was swiping my credit card at our local mall the other day, I walked over to the Starbucks (I couldn't resist the aroma). The tall café mocha cost me $4.71. So for 16 ounces of coffee, right now, you are getting a 7 day no-holds-barred all-access pass to thoroughly inspect Rank & Pillage.

Peruse through the videos. Discover the blockbuster strategies. You even get the bonuses (which we haven't told you about yet). And then test something that appeals to you. We dare you. Why else would we be willing to make this generous offer? And if you're not flabbergasted by what you see, hear, and experience inside Rank & Pillage, just holler before seven days elapses. We will cancel your order and refund your coffee money ASAP!

We know you will love Rank & Pillage and thus we will automatically charge your card the remaining $92.05 after the seven day trial. Thereafter ALL of your investment is still…

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